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Kindergarten is Buggin Out!


Kindergarten just completed their bug jars.  I normally do this project with second grade; however, a Kindergarten teacher saw my example and requested that I do this project with her class.  I gave the students a jar template and they traced it on grey paper.  After cutting out the jar, we added a lid with holes for our bugs to breathe.  We talked about different objects outside that we can drop into our jar and what bug/insects we can add to that environment.  I try to have them take up as much space inside the jar as possible.  We have bugs that crawl and fly.  We traced all pencil lines with a black crayola marker and colored with construction paper crayons, which is one of my favorite medias to use.  They turn out so bright and cheerful!  The kids love making a big list on the board of all the bugs and insects we can name.