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Contour Guitars


I got this project idea from Artsonia when I was looking for guitar projects to do for heritage day.  I LOVE the way this project turned out and can’t wait to do it again next year.  I completed this project with both second and third grade.  Each student got a 12×18 sheet of paper and as a class, they had to draw an acoustic guitar.  The guitar needs to be smaller than the paper.  We then started drawing contour lines around the guitar following the lines that we had previously drawn.  Each time they drew a contour line, they had to trace it in a different color marker.  Once the lines touched the sides of the paper, they were able to draw designs/symbols on the actual guitar and color with marker.  After cutting and gluing, students could use scrap paper to make other designs in the background.  We tried to keep the colors bright and bold.