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Colorful Clowns


Kindergarten has been working with shapes and lines to create our colorful clowns.  We talk about the emotions that we feel when we see a clown and what colorful costumes, hair, and makeup they have.  This crayon resist used crayons and watercolor as the media.  We traced all our pencil lines in crayon and then painted in with watercolor.  I also painted with tempera at my other school.  Students tried to cover up all the space on the paper with their clown and polka dots.  Patterns were used on the buttons and stripes.  These creative clowns are always so colorful!


Look What is Springing Up!


With springtime here, the 1st and 2nd grade students have been drawing objects that are springing up.  The 1st grade worked on learning how to draw a border around their paper with a ruler.  We chose to color in the border using warm colors.  We used Eric Carle’s style of painting for the body of our caterpillar and primary colors for the face.

The 2nd grade did a crayon resist project.  They had to draw a flower that touched all sides of the paper.  We discussed the parts of a flower and created interesting lines in the center and background.  Students traced all their lines using a black crayon and then colored using secondary colors and watercolor pencils.  They are amazed that when you add water, the color pencil turns to paint!